Benefits to Corporate

  • Franchisor Admin - an "All-in-one" Software as a Service solution that looks and feels like the Corporate brand
  • White-Labeled Support - use the Blazonco customer support team as your own to help out your Franchisees
  • SEO Network - leverage this "network" of search engine optimized local websites to your advantage
  • Franchisor Global Controls - control portions of content across all Franchisee websites by editing a single site instance (for brand consistency and network benefits)
  • Approval Queues - Franchisee changes can be monitored and approved (or edited)
  • Extranet - a site to communicate with all Franchisees and receive feedback
  • Store/Dealer Locator - makes it easy to enter and find all Franchisee locations on the Corporate site
  • Listing Aggregator Submission - Franchisee location information from Store Locator automatically submitted to search engines and local directories
  • Leads - distribute or sell leads generated on the Corporate site to the Franchisees automatically
  • Email Marketing - send mass emails to Corporate contacts plus all aggregated Franchisee contacts
  • Retargeting - show display banners on other websites to anyone who has visited the Corporate or a local Franchisee website
  • Analytics - comprehensive reporting on all Franchisee sites and Corporate site

Benefits to Franchisee

  • Franchise Admin - an "All-in-one" Software as a Service solution that looks and feels like the Corporate brand
  • Publish Content - ability to easily publish unique, local content  that is "mobile-friendly/responsive" and consistent with brand standards
    • Coupons/special local offers
    • Local blog posts
  • Brand Apps - get powerful and engaging, branded content tools to market/customize
    • Time-sensitive specials
    • Printable PDFs
    • Facebook sweepstakes/contests
    • Local weather module, etc...
  • Job Posting Board - post jobs on your website to be reviewed and approved to go on the Corporate site (as well as the option to publish on other job listing sites like Craigslist, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Leads - get local leads from the Corporate site automatically
  • Email Marketing - send mass emails to local contacts that have signed up on your site (or import them from previous mailing lists)
  • Pay-per-click CO-OP - ensure that you're not competing with other franchisees or the corporate brand to buy keywords online