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Our offering is different than generic web hosting. We work to provide you premium bandwidth, redundancy, backups, server updates, security, corporate e-mail accounts, e-mail blasts, domains, DNS, analytics, and a list of Admin plugins that make almost any functionality possible for your website.

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Marketing Plans

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Our marketing approach is founded on what we call the 5 pillars of internet marketing, which are outlined below. Each of these pillars is important, and all work together to improve the effectiveness of the others. For optimal results, it is important to be engaged in multiple marketing activities simultaneously.

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The Five Pillars of Internet Marketing

1. Organic Search (SEO)

Where does your website rank in search results? Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo drive more than 50% of all internet traffic, making organic search a critical marketing channel you can't afford to ignore. It's especially important for small to mid-sized local businesses.

2. Paid Search (SEM)

Your customers are searching for your business online. Are they finding you, or are they finding your competitors? Search engine marketing (SEM) puts your company front and center in the search results for relevant keywords on Google.

Paid search is one of the fastest and most direct traffic sources. This keyword-driven marketing channel displays ads in Google's search results as users are searching, bringing targeted, relevant visitors to your site.

3. Display & Retargeting

Banner ads are everywhere online, and opportunities for targeting new customers via interests and demographics abound. Retargeting allows you to display specific ads to customers who have already been to your website as they as they visit other sites across the web, reminding them of your company and prompting them to return.

4. Social Media

Social media is a critical part of any presence. But it's not about self-promotion and generating direct sales. Rather, social media strengthens your brand, protects your online reputation, and legitimizes
your business, all while building an audience of customers and followers who will help shape and share your company's message.

5. Tracking & Analytics

If you're not measuring your marketing, how do you know whether it's working? We track everything, from website traffic to calls and leads generated, e-commerce sales, and more. Our reporting keeps you in the know with regard to site activity, performance, and results.