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*Once requests are submitted via phone or email please allow 24-48 business hours for our team to process and update your website.

*If you experience issues with seeing parts of the screen, tabs or functionality of the Blazonco Admin please try changing browsers from Internet Explorer (IE) to our supported browsersGoogle Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
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How to Access Webmail

Step 1
To access your mail go to mail.yourdomainhere.com. This may vary depending if your domain is .com,.net.org
Example: mail.blazonco.com. Be sure to include your .com/.net/.org.

Step 2
You will be presented with the Blazonco Webmail login. You will need to enter both your username (email) and password provided by blazonco.
username/email - janedoe@yourdomainhere.com,\
password - pa$6Gt82e

If you are having issues please contact support@blazonco.com